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Chicago Blackhawks and NHL Playoffs Update

May 24, 2017

Well just had a thought….Kane got 3 cups before Ovechkin got one. And we beat the Russians to the moon, too! So ha ha.

Very happy we get 7 games from Ottawa Pitt. I think it is better for hockey if Pitt wins this series as they play the more entertaining style, but Ottawa has that Cinderella story going for them, and Craig Anderson and his wife’s story from this season, and Erik Karlsson. 7 games of that one is a good thing.

If Nashville were to go on and win the cup, I cannot recall one other team that lost their number one center and won the Cup. If that happens, we are truly in a new era in the NHL, one dominated by skilled, fast defensemen. But I would be really surprised if that rule gets broken. So a lot is riding on the Ott Pitt game 7. Place your bets against Nashville now, thank me later.

Well Scott Darling is gone and the Hawks did the conservative thing and kept the better goalie. Darling is really good but it remains to be seen how he would ride out the ups and downs of a season being the clear cut number one somewhere. So we went with the sure thing. I think he can do it personally, but I don’t need a good hunch in net when you employ two superstars up front at $21 million per year.

I think the Hawks are not really a contender until they can integrate some size into the forward group, speed on defense, and better depth for the 3rd and 4th lines. The hope here has to be that Gustav Forsling and John Hayden can both turn into players. The last two playoff years are showing a downward trend. Any way you slice it, they need to shed salary even if they lose Kruger in the expansion draft, now that Panik got $2.8 million. A lot, and I mean a lot, is riding on Schmaltz and Hartman taking that next step in their development, like getting their games to the point where they could actually get a point in a playoff game. Might as well throw Panarin into that equation as well.

Something tells me this coming year will be Hossa’s last. Especially if we don’t show an upward trend in the playoffs for a third year in a row. Why would that guy, who has all the money he will ever need, put his body through a full season of hockey, for $1 million? The fact he is likely to do it even once, next year, is essentially a bonus for the Hawks. When he retires they will carry about a $4.9 million cap hit for a penalty due to his contract terms, salary versus cap hit, right through the 2020-2021 season. Won’t that be fun? Oh well, his signing was done to win a Cup and the Hawks have 3. So the suffering in the later years which is sure to come (see Detroit) was at least well worth it. And not everyone can say that (compare the Vancouver Canucks from 2011 to now. Ouch.)


What Does the Blackhawks Start Mean For their Roster?

November 30, 2016

A few observations regarding the Chicago Blackhawks start to the season, which sees them surprisingly leading the Western Conference despite working 6 rookies into the lineup.

Bounce Back By Hossa

Marian Hossa has seen his shooting percentage return from the depths of last year when he was held to a career low 13 goals. He already has 11. The significance of this is twofold.

One, the Hawks now only have one missing spot to fill in their Top 6 forward rotation, not two. It was believed Hossa would serve on Kruger’s line in a checking role this year. Instead, he has been one of their best scoring options to date. The Left Wing spot on the Toews line remains a question mark.

Two, most significantly, Hossa is likely to play at least another year. Recent comments in the press indicate Hossa wants to play as long as he feels he is playing at a level he is satisfied with. He is happy with how he has played thus far and why wouldn’t he be, he has been perhaps the Hawks best forward. There had been speculation Hossa would retire after this year, when you couple his salary going down next year to $1 million and his declining scoring and role by the end of the playoffs last year. This would have left the Hawks with roughly a $4.9 million cap hit for a player not on their roster next year, making the annual salary cap challenges even worse. Instead, the Hawks are likely to return a player off of a productive season for his usual $5.275 million cap hit. They couldn’t even field a minimum salary player for the difference between those two numbers, instead they are likely to get Hossa back, even if he will be one year older. HUGE win for the Hawks here.

Yes, Panarin is Still Really Good

Last year, you heard things like, well he played with MVP and Art Ross winner Patrick Kane, so of course he scored a lot. But can he do it on his own? Well, you saw in the World Cup he was an offensive force. And again, when Toews struggled, Kane was moved to his line, and Panarin didn’t miss a beat. He has proved to be the kind of talent you don’t let get away. Look for the Hawks to ink him to a six-year deal in the $6.5 million per year range. Even if it takes exposing a player like Kruger to Las Vegas in the expansion draft.

Remaking the Defense

The Hawks set out to fix the loss of Oduya from the 2015 Cup purge. The Sharp trade in which the Hawks took back Trevor Daley from Dallas rather than keeping that money and resigning Oduya set the frachise defense core back when Daley could not or would not assimilate into the Hawks defensive structure enough to move up from the bottom pairing last year. They took several steps this year to fix this situation:

Signed Michal Kempny from the KHL. This has worked wonders, especially for Brent Seabrook, who spent all last season babysitting Victor Svedberg and Eric Gustafsson, two Swedish AHL defensemen as his partner for most of the season, along with Trevor Van Riemsdyk, who has struggled in limited play as the 6th defenseman this year. The rookie Kempny has some of the best Corsi stats on the Hawks D, brings a physical edge to his game, and solid defensive play. He will be a Restricted Free Agent after this season, and Hossa’s likely return should help free up some money to bring him back again next season.

Signed Brian Campbell as a UFA. Campbell’s wheels on defense have helped the Hawks move out of their zone and aided their transition game. They have not had speed on defense like Campbell since trading Nick Leddy to the New York Islanders in the 2014 Cap purge. Campbell has spent time on all 3 defense pairs and has made they defense core much deeper than in recent seasons.

The Rookies

Gustav Forsling – The young Swede surprisingly made the team as the 6th defenseman after a strong training camp and preseason. However, after some early season struggles, and a logjam of 8 defenseman, it must be questioned if Forsling would have been better off returning to Sweden. He is not eligible to be sent to the AHL, and too young to sit in the press box. So better on ice options such as Michal Kempny and Michal Rozsival sit out while Forsling tries to find his game as the 6th defenseman. This situation is worth watching as the season progresses. Either Forsling steps up with more experience, or Quennville is likely to turn to his other options as the season progresses.

Ryan Hartman – The biggest surprise of the young rookies, Hartman leads the group with 5 goals. Criticized for a lack of discipline in the AHL last year, he has stayed away from foolish penalties, shown some finish and grit to his game, and put up some of the best possession numbers among all of the Hawks forwards. At this point he has likely played his way into strong consideration to protect from the expansion draft at the end of this season.

Nick Schmaltz – Schmaltz has been tried all over the lineup and has not found a niche at center or wing. Playing with Kane and Panarin while Anisimov was hurt last night, it was clear that his wingers were avoiding giving him the puck as offensive possession tends to end when he gets it. He is physically overmatched and would be best served in the AHL. However, without him, Jordin Tootoo or Andrew Desjardins would need to suit up and the Hawks are still looking for an element of skill in their lineup and his flexibility to play center is a plus. But at this point it would not be hard for either Tootoo or Desjardins to replicate Schmaltz’ one goal with his playing time. He shows promise and back checks hard sometimes, but his development curve would put him in the AHL now in a perfect world.

Tyler Motte – Solid 200 foot game, kills penalties, blocks shots, very good wheels, Motte has been a useful player. The Hawks would like to see a little more finish from a guy that scored 32 goals in 38 college games last season. Other than that he looks like a player, and could find himself on a top line if he gets the confidence to score going.

Vince Hinostroza – After being benched early in the season, Hino has used his speed to get the puck up ice and register solid Corsi numbers. He collected all 3 of his points in one game so the offensive output has not been there on the whole. He went through the same thing last year in the AHL and when he adjusted he became a point per game player. If the Hawks are patient with him, he may reward them with some more consistent offensive output as he is generating chances for himself and his linemates.

It will be interesting to see how these rookies develop as the Hawks are counting on them to provide secondary scoring to support their stars, since players like Tootoo, Kruger, Rasmussen, Desjardins, and Van Riemsdyk have very limited offensive potential.

What Blackhawks Fans Should Learn from the World Cup

September 30, 2016

The World Cup of Hockey is over and Canada won the tournament without losing a game, which surprised no one. Jonathan Toews set up with winning goal with a shorthanded pass to Brad Marchand. We can all move on to the normal NHL preseason and look forward to the start of the regular season of games.

But what should Chicago Blackhawks fans take away from the World Cup?

Toews is still a brilliant, hard-working, heady player.

Feel good Hawks Fans, about your Captain. There was a lot of criticism of Toews based on his 58 points last year coupled next to his $10.5 million salary. Yes some of that was due to a carousel of Left Wings on his line last year that were not top 9 NHL talent, some of which are no longer even in the NHL. Yes some was due to Hossa losing some of his scoring touch as he enters his late 30s. And some was due to the fatigue of playing as many games as anyone over the past five seasons, with extended playoff runs, Olympic Golds, and the World Cup. But you know what? He showed that he is the swiss army tool of the Canadian Team and can excel shutting guys down, playing the power play, penalty killing, and generating offense. He is smart and plays winning hockey all the time. No we don’t know what he will have to work with on the wings. But Captain Serious will be the man in the middle this year for Chicago.

Hossa can still play with the big boys.

Could you see any of the Hawks rookies getting first line minutes on Ralph Kruger’s Team Europe this tournament? No, neither can I. Regardless of where Hossa plays for the Blackhawks this year, it was plain to see he is still the second best Right Wing on the team after Patrick Kane. Defensively he is as elite as elite can get. Does he convert less of his chances now than when he was younger? Yes. But Hossa is still a puck possession machine, able to carry the puck and shield it with his body for extended periods of time in the offensive zone, a skill that few players have at his level. He could still be a very useful player for a top line that has some legit help on the other wing. Most importantly, he still has his wheels. After the first Blackhawks preseason game, I don’t see anyone bumping Hossa down to the third line.

Kane will be better with the Hawks.

Kane was the best offensive player on a miserable performing Team USA. The other players constantly deferred to Kane, whose stickhandling and ability to skate and handle the puck and create offense is at the top of the game. If he is reunited with Artemi Panarin with Anisimov in the middle, he will actually play on a better line with the Blackhawks than he ever did with Team USA. It is probably too much to expect a follow up MVP season, but Kane is still in his prime and will put up his numbers, whether they are more a point a game if he has to carry a line, or closer to the 100 plus points he put up last year playing with another dynamic talent in Panarin.

Michal Kempny will be a very solid bottom pair defenseman.

Kempny was getting number one pair minutes for the Czech Team. Despite their lack of success, Kempny acquitted himself well against the best players in the world as he made the adjustment to the smaller narrower ice surface of the NHL rinks as compared to the European rinks where he has played in the KHL. Playing the protected minutes the Blackhawks will give their 5-6 defensemen, Kempny have time to complete his adjustment to the NHL playing style and should excel. By the end of the year, the Hawks will know if he can ascend to the 4th defenseman position held by Brian Campbell, who is an unrestricted free agent after this season. Kempny will be a restricted free agent.

Ville Pokka is heading to Rockford to start the season.

Barring a trade, Ville Pokka will start the season in Rockford. He was ok in playing 3rd pair minutes for Team Finland, who did not win a game. Getting burned by a full speed Connor McDavid move doesn’t really count against him though, as there will be a long line of veteran NHL defenseman added to that list this year. Pokka had the look of a guy that could get by at the NHL level on 3rd pair minutes, but when you are 7 deep at defense already, you don’t need someone that you can just ‘get by’ with on your last pair. Not to mention that Gustav Forsling is probably considered ahead of Pokka right now if the Hawks were to deal a TVR for example. But with Campbell and Roszival UFAs and Kempny an RFA after this season, Pokka will have an important role to play on the Blackhawks next season providing inexpensive defensive depth.